Jorge Gustavo

Jorge Gustavo

The artist behind Pixaic

Jorge Gustavo Burtin was born in Rosario, Argentina, the birth place of Ernesto (Che’) Guevara. Known as “The Chicago of South America”, this passionate land of many paradoxes is home to working class, rebels, and artists alike.

When Jorge was three years old, his parents moved to United States to capture a piece of the American dream. The family made their new home in Southern California. As a young boy, Jorge struggled in school, and with English as his second language, he failed the first grade. He overcame his early academic setbacks and ultimately graduated 4th in his high school class. He went on to graduate from a Cal State university, followed by a master’s degree in finance from Pepperdine University, and finally an MBA from Harvard Business School. For twenty-five years, Jorge successfully toiled in the business world. He earned a comfortable living for him and his family, and retired early to turn to his true calling: art.

Years of appreciation and study of the arts led him to realize his “paintings”. His inspiration was drawn from a mergence of an ancient form, mosaic, and our current world, where people spend hours each day observing pixels. From computers, to cameras, to television, pixels are the foundation for modern technology, where tiny components come together to make a greater whole. Jorge wanted to portray these pixels in his art, and he sought a medium that would be almost eternal. He decided to use one of mans’ earliest yet best technologies; glass.

Jorge’s pallet is limitless, and his style is completely original. He spends hour upon hour, arranging thousands of tiny squares of glass. When fixed on a canvas they become Pixaic.

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