jorge gustavo mission

My mission is to present to the world a whole new way of painting. Pixaic is a merger of past and present: the ancient mosaic form, presented in a modern, pixelized fashion. Like the artistic pioneers that precede me, I seek to capture the deepest thoughts and emotions of humanity. But with Pixaic, I intend to do this in a way that emphasizes how far mankind has come: from prehistoric art to our present-day pixels, which are prevalent in our generation’s everyday lives. 

My medium, glass, was chosen for its timeless quality. I use artistic inspiration from the past to describe the present, in a form that will last for ages into the future. My purpose is to not only make art that will last throughout generations, but to give back to the generation in which I live. As long as my family has food on our plates and shelter over our heads, I pledge to donate the proceeds of my art to charitable causes. 

Ultimately, I hope to take my place as one of the recognized artists of the 21st century. No one person really quite “owns” a Pixaic for it will outlast the purchaser by generations. Eons will pass, technology will change, yet this unique art form will represent us into the future. I hope for art collectors and museums to know our generation by Pixaic